Dolph Martinsen

  • There were at least 150 equines and also I had to go very slow-moving and move them off of the road.I discovered that the minor east summits of Large Davis Mountain are in fact rather elevated above the valley flooring from the Skull Valley east point of view. I lastly reached the Pony Express route and also headed west with Federal government…[Read more]

  • I followed the fork with the water create I had heard that the resource of this water was among the old mines of the long failed to remember mining community of Indian Springs.The roadway weakened considerably and also there were dr bernardo union springs al fierce rivulets of speeding water spurting down each side. As Louis L’amour once stated…[Read more]

  • En route out I faced the Onaqui Mountain wild equine herd on the Dugway/ Search Pass roadway. In the moonlight they were well specified as well as clear and appeared a type of powder grey/ blue. The canyon opened a bit as well as I involved one more fork in the roadway. I followed the fork with the water create I had listened to that the source of…[Read more]

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