Coming out of the spiritual closet

So, here we are together in a social media group called Indigo Movement. Somewhere along the way it has sparked our curiosities enough to join the group and for some of us, to be active… something has led us here for this movement that is gaining numbers everyday. I try to do some communication with everyone as much as I can.

Along the path, I find out about the “closet spiritualists” and maybe I fall into this category too. Maybe it is something that we could address. For me, I have always kind of ran from my calling. That put me a place with friends that “couldn’t understand” the thoughts that I thought or the energy I received and dealt with on a daily basis. “how could they?” Always hanging out in bars with “Musicians”. Who talks about their feelings? WE do…lol

Who’s in the closet? Who feels like their life would be turned upside down if “They” knew what you thought/felt/see? Who is worried about what their friends and family might think if they saw what you do in our grou? Luke Cleary made a valid point the other day with a post about after the show. **”Look back on the timeline and read if you haven’t already, great guy there!”** Someone saw Luke Cleary‘s light and changed to match it. Whom maybe wouldn’t have if he hadn’t come by. Almost like he couldn’t act like this in front of the people he was with because they “Wouldn’t” understand..

I myself have these friends. The ones that I could never speak freely with because either they would laugh and mock what I was doing leaving it with a residue of negative energy or they don’t understand, leaving doubt. So maybe out of self protection I would keep me to me & only dance with the people that I resonated with.

This lead to a life of almost solitude. Even in a room FULL of people. Always trying to “FIT IN”. Maybe even denying my feelings. I spoke with someone in the group on a face to face and I got REALLY excited about what they said. I asked why won’t you be more active? These are the things that people in the group want to hear. ” I couldn’t, what would they think?” Closet!!! another says, “Maybe its time to let my friends know..” Closet!!!! I feel like a lot of us are in this boat. What are the steps of COMING OUT? I think we are what we eat, “That is a completely different post..” What are we feeding ourselves? What do we feed our souls? If we associate with like minded people it helps, right?

This group is pretty open to everything going on with the “AWAKENING” past, present, and future.. this may pull a verse from the bible or a lyric from a Beatles song. They all fit. They all resonate. Some are meant to work for you now, others are put there for someone looking to join in a year, Timeless. WE are changing things with the energy we carry. Over the last few years I have been letting my little light shine, enough that I said I would like to build a place where I can find more people like me.. Here I am. I get excited talking about it now… Sometimes it is ALL i wish to do… Still some will never know this me….

If you have to hide yourself in “THAT” world, do what you must do. No one likes to be uncomfortable. Please don’t feel like you have to be in the closet here. This place is built on love and spirit. Divine unconditional love as we know that we are human, and as an indigo I’m sure the path was not most direct. You are loved here and “I” want to hear what you have to say. I love the cards, thank you Isiah Robinson. I love the readings and the channels. I love the way when one of us are down the rest pick them up. There is a time when we all fall short. WE still love each other… I love **THIS POINT OF UNITY!”** and I love the life long friends I have found… I LOVE THAT I AM NO LONGER ALONE!!! There are others here that know their mission.

When you turn on a light the darkness runs away… LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE!fb0bcfbb5ea2c2659134abd452d6d2e8

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