The Unity Point

What is THE Unity Point, one may ask. WE are selling what you already have, we are assisting in relocating what already resides at your very core, in the depths of all the layers over that core. Our goal is to lift any and all in their pursuit of freedom from any and all entanglements that seem to pull us away from the place on unification, for all of humanity. In this site however, there is no fiscal transaction, whatsoever. There is no way to send money, or get something from outside of you. You already have everything you need to unify yourself, your life. Everything that is in your life is actually giving feedback at all times as to how you may be doing in this unification. Although the truth is hard to swallow at times, the entireity of earthly experience supports you in exactly this manner. We call this synchronicity. This site is my offering in assistance to support you in using the feedback of your life to find that sweet spot of unification. Many people spend their entire lives backspacing away from this feedback, denying, refusing, even retaliating on the stream of data that the universe is sending them. This is another way, a way that is already in you and bears re-examination.