Coming out of the spiritual closet

So, here we are together in a social media group called Indigo Movement. Somewhere along the way it has sparked our curiosities enough to join the group and for some of us, to be active… something has led us here for this movement that is gaining numbers everyday. I try to do some communication with everyone as much as I can.

Along the path, I find out about the “closet spiritualists” and maybe I fall into this category too. Maybe it is something that we could address. For me, I have always kind of ran from my calling. That put me a place with friends that “couldn’t understand” the thoughts that I thought or the energy I received and dealt with on a daily basis. “how could they?” Always hanging out in bars with “Musicians”. Who talks about their feelings? WE do…lol

Who’s in the closet? Who feels like their life would be turned upside down if “They” knew what you thought/felt/see? Who is worried about what their friends and family might think if they saw what you do in our grou? Luke Cleary made a valid point the other day with a post about after the show. **”Look back on the timeline and read if you haven’t already, great guy there!”** Someone saw Luke Cleary‘s light and changed to match it. Whom maybe wouldn’t have if he hadn’t come by. Almost like he couldn’t act like this in front of the people he was with because they “Wouldn’t” understand..

I myself have these friends. The ones that I could never speak freely with because either they would laugh and mock what I was doing leaving it with a residue of negative energy or they don’t understand, leaving doubt. So maybe out of self protection I would keep me to me & only dance with the people that I resonated with.

This lead to a life of almost solitude. Even in a room FULL of people. Always trying to “FIT IN”. Maybe even denying my feelings. I spoke with someone in the group on a face to face and I got REALLY excited about what they said. I asked why won’t you be more active? These are the things that people in the group want to hear. ” I couldn’t, what would they think?” Closet!!! another says, “Maybe its time to let my friends know..” Closet!!!! I feel like a lot of us are in this boat. What are the steps of COMING OUT? I think we are what we eat, “That is a completely different post..” What are we feeding ourselves? What do we feed our souls? If we associate with like minded people it helps, right?

This group is pretty open to everything going on with the “AWAKENING” past, present, and future.. this may pull a verse from the bible or a lyric from a Beatles song. They all fit. They all resonate. Some are meant to work for you now, others are put there for someone looking to join in a year, Timeless. WE are changing things with the energy we carry. Over the last few years I have been letting my little light shine, enough that I said I would like to build a place where I can find more people like me.. Here I am. I get excited talking about it now… Sometimes it is ALL i wish to do… Still some will never know this me….

If you have to hide yourself in “THAT” world, do what you must do. No one likes to be uncomfortable. Please don’t feel like you have to be in the closet here. This place is built on love and spirit. Divine unconditional love as we know that we are human, and as an indigo I’m sure the path was not most direct. You are loved here and “I” want to hear what you have to say. I love the cards, thank you Isiah Robinson. I love the readings and the channels. I love the way when one of us are down the rest pick them up. There is a time when we all fall short. WE still love each other… I love **THIS POINT OF UNITY!”** and I love the life long friends I have found… I LOVE THAT I AM NO LONGER ALONE!!! There are others here that know their mission.

When you turn on a light the darkness runs away… LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE!fb0bcfbb5ea2c2659134abd452d6d2e8

Clarion Call

This is a summon, to your soul, to your true purpose. I am not speaking to the name on your identification documents alone.  This is a message, to all the parts of you, straight through to your very core, as an engagement with your highest self.  This is in coordination with all of your spiritual resources.  I Am Morningstar and I am here to invite you to reach the highest expression of your capacities.  Whatever you do to another you do to me, for I am within each human on this planet.  You are known, loved and treasured.  


Many know that they came here to beautiful Gaia, planet earth at a particular time, for particular purposes.  Ascension energies have been cultivated and well germinated with in many present on earth for some time now, with more allowing understandings of this awakening daily. This is within a divine plan, and clearly, there is no mistake about to Whom this message is reaching. Regardless of how you came to this message, in print, on social media, in publication, or from someone who cares for you, you Are involved and committed to this evolution in consciousness with enthusiastic energy.  Many have trudged through hardships and sufferings to get to a point of insight and balance that they have achieved thus far, and you have Extreme honor from your spiritual support systems for these endeavors, you are fully honored for these growth process participations. Although much has been cleared to come to this very point of understanding, it has All been in preparedness training. Training for meeting the Old Energy that has been operating on Earth, dying a hard death on this planet indeed.


Surely, you have noticed that humans are Still killing each other.  Barbaric this violence is.  Surely you have noticed that habits of disrespect to the very Eco system of human life, and of the lives of All earthly creatures that has occurred, continues to occur although the data is here that shows we are self sabotaging the very home of humanity.  Humans Are currently locked in this planetary system.  All earthly creatures share the fate of the results of human stewardship, for humans are earth stewards. You immediate family, your children, yourself are all within the influence of the imbalances  that have occurred.  All your descendants will inherit what you manage to balance and rebalance.  


Many reading this message came to earth immediately after nuclear introduction as a force of war, many more came through those and additional generational family lineages.  Earth, Gaia, has been summoning you through Time, Family lines, even belief systems, to ultimately create alignment from her first responders, her human Stewards. This is You, you are a Steward, and not simply a Planetary Steward, an Energy Steward.


So my dear souls, I ask you to Look at the energy you see around you now.  Most now are very aware of the energy surrounding acts of violent terrorism. Most are now aware in varied degrees, of the energy surrounding homelessness, refugees from Eco, natural or political disasters. Also, many are increasingly in touch with the evolving changes within Gaia and her Ascension pathway within present energies.  Many humans feel personally powerless.  This experience of powerlessness is unnecessary.  We have a dispensation, an allowance so to speak for enhancement and understanding of energy.  You are to hear NOW that you do have power.  If you have heard this, you are reminded.  Indeed, there has been, there is, an activation of divine power that you may not have realized or as of yet become accustomed to in a consistent manner.  Divine energy has been infusing through this Galaxy, through this solar system.  You are and always have been a spark of divine Energy and you Are bequeathed a power that can be resident, adaptative and invulnerable to destruction as You are in direct connection to this power. You are Cordially invited to embrace all parts of yourself.  From the bottom to the top, you hold divine energy.  Your very Focus on this fact expands and enhances these energies. What You put your focus on is More powerful than most have been willing to acknowledge, Yet. You have The power of Central Creative Source, of creation, fully available for your claim.  No Institution or organization can prevent You from claiming this power, it is up to you dear soul. Nor can this power be given by an Institution or organization. Entirely upon your Focused Desire, is the path for access to these divine energy.  Your Choice, Your Free Will, is the access to divine energy,  and this is for your personal integration, if you wish. Your will/ where you place this your focus has been in a process of both Discovery and focus/refocus for quite some time. As a species, Most have been wounded along the way within the Discovery process.  Rebalances generally  require healing, internally and at times, externally. The energy discovery process itself has been in preparation, in a learning of understanding of Energy itself dear ones. For although At times and perhaps, at the moment, things have appeared harrowing, there have been precious insights gained and deep surrenders within for the claim of your divinity.


You each were born with perfect purity.  Born with perfect divine programming.  A Hijack of the divine programming has occurred on earth, occurred long before you inhabited your present vessel. Upon inhabiting your vessel, your personal vehicle, it was not long before you began accruing an overlay of imbalanced energy on this perfect divine programming.Your divine essence remains and IS anchored within you. It is typical that humans have encapsulated internal divinity. This has been the way of it as protection seemed in order in response to the “ overlay of imbalanced energy”. In the new energy, this is not so necessary, in fact, it can be less useful, yet habits are formed and repeated within human responses. Presented here shall be a reset method, should you choose to accept and utilize it.  You are invited to listen to, hear, read, see or otherwise avail yourself of a rapid reset to original programming, your personal divinity.


What ever operating system you are running on, belief systems, personal identity,  nationalism, race, religion or non religion, etc., whatever filters, bias that may be layered over your divine essence, I ask you to STOP, for just a moment, and focus on your very core.  I know what is in your core for you are a part of me and I of you. You are family. We have always been connected, our connection not depending on any particular awareness or belief system. I know you, you are loved, your very essence is deeply honored. I know that deep in you, you have that perfect Divine operating system running, it resides in every single cell of your physical body.   Your very DNA holds the expressions from all of creation.   What you have done within your life expression, your personal history, the story of your life, all this data is stored.  A crystalline grid of Gaia, stores and accumulates all human energy, ever.  She holds you in magnetic energy my dear, always holding your personal vessel.  I ask that you notice, your feet do stay on the ground until removed.  Humans rely on, even enjoy not floating off in space.  You take this fact as a given. You are in a consistent magnetic relationship with earth.  It matters less what you have done as what you Are doing presently. Clearly, you have carried your records of fails and successes, as has Gaia.  I ask you lay your records down for a moment, step back from your successes, fails, hardships, joys and sorrows, just for a moment. Simply step away, step back.

There, see, you can shift your perspective, and as you shift,via intention, you became more objective.  We will call this going to neutral. You can cause a focus shift, at Will, your freely directed will does this, at your intent.  Shifting your point of view is an attribute that you can exercise for you, and it can hold impacts for all in actuality. This is Very important, as you can, look at Any situation from multiple perspectives,in neutral,  immediately, simply by Shifting towards neutral. You are loved regardless of choosing to shift towards neutral or not. However, when you choose to shift towards neutral, you can notice additional options. You can jump into another perspective entirely, if you so wish.It’s as if you yourself simply get out of the way, as you have unplugged yourself from one perspective, a subset of bias, filters and gone to a place, a space of greater neutrality. From your space of neutral, a new course of action can selected from a broadened array of options if action is your next selected  intent. Importantly, neutral can allow these divine energies that are infusing to come in, as you have released a clutch of habits, even if for just a moment.


Going to neutral is Always available. This is the same place you can choose to Allow a divine awareness, allow divine energy to infuse, enhance and extend through you and your circle of influence. Some see this as a surrender, and it can be, or not. This depends on your intent.

You need not believe me regarding this idea, you can test this yourself. Test, test, test.  Shifting to neutral works in a rapid manner.  It  can accelerate your awareness, raising your level of consciousness.  As you test this, you may notice that like most things you practice, you get better at it, the action itself becomes smoother.


Step one

Go To neutral mentally..        


Step two

Making a massive shift in earth energy stewardship involves your choices.  In neutral, one can move into any desired energy, one step at a time.  Again practice makes these consciousness jumps smoother.  In step two, you are asked to notice again, the love, seeded in divine energy.  I know Who you are, for I have never been truly apart from you. What you are is LOVE. What you did in coming to earth was to commit to be who you truly are as best as you can.  Step two is about a choice to express who you truly are, and you are authentically, divine love. You carry God in you. You are encouraged to be who you truly are. Should this seem hard, focus this love on yourself first, or anytime expressing or allowing love energy seems difficult. This is not about romance. This is about the connectivity that we all have available should we Choose to realize this infusing energy. We are One. Heard that before?  Sometimes you may have felt this deeply.  Sometimes this phrase might have seemed, well,  just a phrase.  Big hint on step two, if it feels like a phrase, try directing the love energy toward yourself.  When you access the true love that you carry in every single cell of your body, you will feel the love radiate, perhaps even see it radiate from you, through you. This is your authentic connection. This is you, in your divinity, wearing your cosmic identity. When you feel this love, you can claim your Gaia stewardship. You can shift into allowing energy of loving compassion, towards yourself, towards others. Step two is about your option, your potential choice to side with your true nature, your ability to generate and amplify loving compassion.  



Move into Loving Compassion.


Step three is actually twofold. It involves the generating and allowing of loving compassion, and connecting this energy to and through all you encounter. Yes, All you encounter.   Ok, about now, you might be thinking, But what about This………you know that Thing, situation or person you have found absolutely maddening, it may turn your stomach, you may induce yourself to create distractive symptoms or behaviors. If you are a person who has hooded, shielded or cut off these potential connections. You probably have been carrying feelings in your physical body that result from cultivating adversities rather that compassionate love. You are encouraged to be courageous and love anyway. Your true essence is already immortal. Be not afraid of the loving compassion experience. Shielding, hooding or cutting yourself off from these very imbalanced energies actually can be self sabotaging as it can decrease your reception of benevolent energy.  Again, should you find that if at any moment, you cannot allow loving compassion, go back to neutral. You came here, to earth, to help and to  heal.  You came  to express truth.  Truth is, dear one, you are love and within the human experience, that can seem difficult to express when focus has been distracted.   


There are situations or conversations in which it seems nearly impossible to allow loving compassion.  Humans can think that they can not allow healing energy under certain stimulus. Humans can think they can not disengage from some distractions from their divinity energy.  Should this happen, go back to step one……  This Is always available, always there, your Will, your intent is the key to rebalance.


For nearly a century, the word synchronicity has surfaced.  Typically synchronicity is viewed as a connecting principle of meaningful coincidences.  A phenomena of energy by association and intellectual intuition.  Consider synchronicity as an intervention of grace for surely it is.  Your intuition is a guide, in you, to balance, rebalance energy. When you focus on seeing these interventions of grace, these point of connectivity, of energy, you will attract these components.  Consider them to be energy guidance service, for truly they are. You have the ability to recognize synchronicity. You can connect energy. Unify balance energy by paying attention to these occurrences.   Again, you are encouraged to test, test, test.  As you place your attentions on these connecting energy you will see more deeply into the energy field, thereby understand more fully how energy connects. To reiterate:


Step One.   Go to Neutral


Step Two.    Move into Loving Compassion


Step Three.  Repeat as indicated by your experience of energy balance.


You are in a time, a planetary situation presently,  that does and will challenge your composure.  When challenged, step one yourself. You can move to a safe place from neutral, into your authentic self, into loving compassion, the step two. At anytime you feel dislodged from this seat of safety in step two, renew your balance, return to step one. If you have turbulence moving into step two, apply that loving compassion to you first.  This simple method will absolutely work to the very degree that you work this method.  It requires no religion or methodology. It neither discourages nor disregards any religion or methodology either. This is simply mechanical energy application and only requires your intent, and is powered by your will to do so.


Earth, Gaia, is transforming. Should you practice these two steps, you will float in the midst of unsettling energy. The world and whirl of energy will not pull you under when you continue to practice these two steps, for you will be consistently renewing your connection to balance, allowing your embodied divinity to receive these infusions of divine energy.

You are presently, deeply within the rebalance of Gaia.  Some call these shift movement upgrades, however, in truth, this is not actually accurate. The design of evolving energy has this as a working pathway for stewardship claim. These “upgrades” are rebalancing supports, an induction of energy restoration into connectedness. Perceiving these energy shifts as upgrades can be helpful if it assists in adaptation.


Adaptation is balancing. Two steps my beloved, two simple steps, for general and specific application. Reconnecting to your true authentic nature applies and nourishes your divinity as this allows the cosmic support from central source to flow through you.You are connected. You can consciously claim this connection. When you do, when you allow these infusions of streaming love energy, they radiate from you. You shall effortlessly send out this balanced energy. You will allow this enhancement and it will overflow with no additional direction. You can find your intuitive synchronistic links one step at a time, served up to you in vibratory balance to your intent,as this is the way of energy presently. Please note that additional options to use your intent to strengthen the crystalline grid shall surface.  Earth’s crystalline grid, empowered with these infusing love energies and human intents for balance are expanding. You shall be able to see further shifts into balance accelerate. Hold your balance as best as you will, using your will. Consider allowing no thing or situation to be of greater importance than the care and growth of the divine balance through you.